Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maldives say NO to alcohol in inhabited islands.

The Islamic Maldives has spoken! In the biggest ever rally in the whole history of Maldives, the people, despite a boycott by both MDP and DRP leadership, heeded the call of Adhaalath and patriotic NGOs, rose above partisan politics and party lines to say a big NO to selling alcohol in inhabited islands and giving individual liquor permits to foreigners and to say a big YES for ISLAM. The sheer number and enthusiasm of the crowds was enough to send the godless secular forces running for cover!
The government has grudgingly agreed to reverse the decision to give alcohol permits to hotels in inhabited islands and we welcome the decision.
The government media has now started to run a hectic campaign to confuse the real issue. They are trying to portray that the government was making a sincere effort to control alcohol by allowing the "Big Hotel" to sell liqour and cancelling the individual liqour permits. There is a constant propaganda barrage about the "old rule" and the "new rule" thus trying to deflect the public attention from the real issue which is the public demand to cancel liscances to BOTH - hotels and individuals.
The people want a total ban of alcohol in all inhabited islands. We the people should be on alert and watchful as there are forces within the government who would love to see a few watering holes around us.