Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dr Bilal Philips – world renowned, yet humble.

I had the great opportunity of meeting the visiting Islamic scholar, Dr Bilal Philips. Being a person who has been seeing his great lectures and reading his books, he had assumed a larger than life halo in my mind. So it was a real pleasure to get a chance to meet the real Bilal Philips. As expected he turned out to be extremely friendly, simple and humble person, all of which are essential qualities of all great callers to Islam. He gave us (me and another medical colleague) valuable insights about Da’wa work that can be done by those in the medical profession. For one thing, he emphasized the need to arrange free medical camps.
Arranging free medical camps is something that we ought to have started long ago. There are many specialists among us who would volunteer. Insha-Allah we will very soon start on it.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spare our children from this nonsense please!

While taking my eight years old son home from school and while waiting at the junction of Chandhanee and Majeedee Roads, we have to endure an extremely immoral and stupid advertisement on the “Big Tv”. The ad is apparently put up there by those promoting the condom. A man and women, alone in an apartment, woman sitting on a bed suggestively, the man cutting some vegetables and cutting his finger and the woman coming and putting a balloon (?) on the cut finger, this sort of thing. A message is displayed: Safety first, then pleasure.I am sure a lot of us have suffered through this stupid ad while waiting in the light. I am always afraid that my son may ask me: Dad, why did she put a balloon on his cut instead of a proper dressing? Or something like that. But luckily he hasn’t. So far.
Why is this nonsense being paraded this much? It has little to do with health or HIV or STDs but everything to do with business. Condom is big business. Not only business, it is a way of life! It is one of the pillars of the modern uncivilization. So the purveyors of the condom culture must promote it as an article of faith!
Few years ago, while I was attending an E.N.T camp in Kulhudhuffushi, some parents came and complained to me that a group of people calling themselves “counselors” were teaching ‘safe sex’ (translated as : how to fornicate without getting pregnant) to the upper grades of the school. According to the infuriated parents they were demonstrating how to put on the rubber with bananas and all. And one brave counselor is supposed to have asked the kids not to be shy. He can make a real life demonstration, if they want.
The rubber may be the best friend of those who does not have any values or a belief in Allah and a day of accounting. For them fornication is as normal a thing as having breakfast.
“ Condomization” of the society is not the solution for AIDS. Rather, promoting decency, family values and observing the limits set by our Creator is the only solution.
I wonder if some of our public health officials who are hell bent on pushing the condom as the ultimate solution and preaching immorality will dare to demonstrate it to their own children in their own living rooms! If so hats off to them and they are most welcome! But please spare us.
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