Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don’t even think of messing with Article 9 (or any other article that safeguards Islam) of the constitution!

Maldives is a Muslim country where every citizen is a Muslim by legal definition and Maldivians intend to keep it that way. There may be a few loonies who refuse to be citizens of Maldives by going out of the pale of Islam. It is their problem and 95% of Maldivians can’t care less if these people lose their ‘ rights’ (something they have voluntarily given up themselves!)

Even though this is the plain truth, some outsiders are unnecessarily bothered about us.

The champions of selective human rights. Selective because they would very happily participate in, condone or close their eyes to the cold blooded killing of thousands of women and children as in Palestine and Iraq and elsewhere but would go head over heels to advocate for the rights of some prisoners. Even though we cannot operate independent of the foreign influence, and we should certainly have good relations with other nations, none of us feel comfortable when they meddle too much in our affairs. We all know that the MDP has substantial foreign connections, and it is ok to have substantial foreign connections, but we find it unacceptable when some foreigners, whoever they may be , openly boast that they have got huge influence in our government. I bring the following link to the kind of attention of the readers where some British Conservative Party people boast that they have got a substantive say in the present government. Some of them have even gone as far as suggesting that they should use their influence to revise the Maldivian constitution! I find this absolutely infuriating!

The revealing article is in the website / blog of British Conservatives. The writers to this blog include British Conservative Party Shadow Ministers and centre right campaigners. The post of our concern is entitled “Conservatives have influence in the Maldives - and should use it…” and is put by one Dr Martin Parson, who is supposed to be an “expert in Islam – Christian relations” and specializes on the “persecuted church in Muslim countries” and has worked (in "reforming the heathens") in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. A little research of this man's writings reveals him to be a typical stinking orientalist and he has slandered our holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallah alaihi wasallam saying that he, Sallallah alaihi wasallam taught his Ummah to lie and cheat! This man writes: “the newly elected president - Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldivian Democratic Party - relied heavily on Conservative Party expertise to win the country's first democratic election in thirty years. It is reported that his election campaign was run by a former aide to London mayor Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party was also instrumental in securing funding for his campaign.’’ This is news to some of us. Very disturbing news if it is true. But there is more to it. It seems they have a fly in their soup and they must get rid of it. It is the clause in the constitution of the Muslim Maldives, which says that only Muslims can become citizens of the Maldives. So he declares there is a “real opportunity for Conservative shadow ministers to exercise quiet diplomacy behind the scenes.” (emphasis added.)

We the people of Maldives do not want any of our leaders do any shady business with these shadowy figures behind our backs. We must be wary about the politicians who might take orders from abroad. It was the Muslim people of the Republic of Maldives that voted to elect the MDP led coalition to power and not the British Conservatives.

I found it amusing that some disgruntled Maldivians have commented that the “Wahhabi fanatics” are calling the shots here and things did not go as they expected. These loonies will not be happy until all name of Islam is obliterated from the Maldives. They will not succeed. Insha-Allah!

We in the Adhaalath Party are eager to have good and cordial relations with foreign countries. This something we firmly believe in and repeatedly assure the dignitaries that meet us. But nobody should overstep the limits.

We must be vigilant in electing ours MPs. We should actively try to block the people with dubious loyalty to Islam from getting elected. To whichever party they might belong.

People who are willing to sell our religion and the nation and revise the constitution to suite the foreigners better be warned. The people of Maldives, Insha-Allah will never allow that to happen. They are watching.

Read the full article here (http://conservativehome.blogs.com/centreright/2008/11/conservatives-h.html). Judge for yourself!

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  1. I heard that you studied your medicine in a secular country and now am opposing secularism? hmmmmmm. Smacks of double standards.