Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mavota Shareef, a fine example of "poacher turned gamekeeper"!

Poacher turned gamekeeper! The phrase I came across in that hilarious but illustrative political comedy "Yes Prime minister" by Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay. It was used by Right Honorable James Hacker to describe a situation in which a former journalist was put as media coordinaor. But the phrase more aptly describes our foul mouthed, double speaking, hypocritical character with a “forked tongue” - Mavota Shareef. During his MDP days, he was literally out to eat Maumoon alive. He called Maumoon all sorts of names that only a person of the caliber of Mavota can think of. According to Mavota, Maumoon was a corrupt, inept, unjust, selfish old gaga. He described Maumoon as an old and broken engine and famously beat the podium shouting "baalaanamey, baalaanmey, baalaanamey!" (meaning that they will pull Maumoon down at any cost).
Then, something happened, and Mavota took a complete u-turn. No wonder the people of Addu chased him out of the parliament. He is a pitiful and laughable character when he tries to defend the same Maumoon now, explaining why Maumoon cannot be summoned to the Presidential commission for investigation of corruption of the previous regime. Amazing, what money can do to people!


  1. What's the point of this post? It would be best if people like you stick to your profession and preserve your self-respect instead of trying to take out your personal grudges against people whom you don't like for personal reasons. It does not suit professional people like you to stick to the level of uncivilized and uneducated people with such biased posts. It's very childish of you to go around accusing people of taking money. Are you jealous of the fact that Mavota is a popular public figure that still commands a lot of media attention? I am pretty sure gutless, "hypocritical" people like you won't post comments like this. Anyway, Mavota is ONE person and he is one intelligent person at that. But this is not about Mavota. This is about an ideology. You can kill a person but you can't kill an idealogy. Learn to respect other people as the religion has taught you. God is watching your every step. :)