Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dr Bilal Philips – world renowned, yet humble.

I had the great opportunity of meeting the visiting Islamic scholar, Dr Bilal Philips. Being a person who has been seeing his great lectures and reading his books, he had assumed a larger than life halo in my mind. So it was a real pleasure to get a chance to meet the real Bilal Philips. As expected he turned out to be extremely friendly, simple and humble person, all of which are essential qualities of all great callers to Islam. He gave us (me and another medical colleague) valuable insights about Da’wa work that can be done by those in the medical profession. For one thing, he emphasized the need to arrange free medical camps.
Arranging free medical camps is something that we ought to have started long ago. There are many specialists among us who would volunteer. Insha-Allah we will very soon start on it.


  1. you got the idea of free medical camps from him??. May b u medical staffs are dumb enuf to get that idea urself or just wantd to give this man the credit.

    n btw isnt taking pictures aganst salafi manhaj.

    tc n hac a nice day dr mauroof

  2. good.. It is noble to use the Knowledge Allah has bestowed upon you to spread his religion, let it be Medicine, History, Engineering or whatever.. May Allah make it possible for you.. -callodus

    I wanted to ask, do u know any universities or medical colleges who teach medical foundation courses like 1-year medical foundation year of uk, after which i can get transferred to a medical colege and achive an Mbbs..? thanks

  3. Masha Allah, Really very truthful. Dr. Bilal is a very humble person. I too had met him in person.
    And dr. Mauroof I hope that "mission" you will do very soon Insha Allah.

  4. Salam Dr.Mauroof,
    Its encouraging to know that some docs are interested in Da'wa and providing free medical camps at a time when the practice of most revolve around money.
    With the constant uphill struggle in providing our services, the healthcare workers often tend to forget the humanitarian aspect of our profession.
    Getting involved in activities like Da'wa & free medical camps will, above other benefits remind ourselves of our responsibilities towards our community & the muslim umma.
    Hope u will share with us the valuable insights into Da'wa work you got from Dr. Bilal Philips.

  5. insha Allah you all can do a great job. May Allah shows u a way for free medical camps soon insha Allah.