Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spare our children from this nonsense please!

While taking my eight years old son home from school and while waiting at the junction of Chandhanee and Majeedee Roads, we have to endure an extremely immoral and stupid advertisement on the “Big Tv”. The ad is apparently put up there by those promoting the condom. A man and women, alone in an apartment, woman sitting on a bed suggestively, the man cutting some vegetables and cutting his finger and the woman coming and putting a balloon (?) on the cut finger, this sort of thing. A message is displayed: Safety first, then pleasure.I am sure a lot of us have suffered through this stupid ad while waiting in the light. I am always afraid that my son may ask me: Dad, why did she put a balloon on his cut instead of a proper dressing? Or something like that. But luckily he hasn’t. So far.
Why is this nonsense being paraded this much? It has little to do with health or HIV or STDs but everything to do with business. Condom is big business. Not only business, it is a way of life! It is one of the pillars of the modern uncivilization. So the purveyors of the condom culture must promote it as an article of faith!
Few years ago, while I was attending an E.N.T camp in Kulhudhuffushi, some parents came and complained to me that a group of people calling themselves “counselors” were teaching ‘safe sex’ (translated as : how to fornicate without getting pregnant) to the upper grades of the school. According to the infuriated parents they were demonstrating how to put on the rubber with bananas and all. And one brave counselor is supposed to have asked the kids not to be shy. He can make a real life demonstration, if they want.
The rubber may be the best friend of those who does not have any values or a belief in Allah and a day of accounting. For them fornication is as normal a thing as having breakfast.
“ Condomization” of the society is not the solution for AIDS. Rather, promoting decency, family values and observing the limits set by our Creator is the only solution.
I wonder if some of our public health officials who are hell bent on pushing the condom as the ultimate solution and preaching immorality will dare to demonstrate it to their own children in their own living rooms! If so hats off to them and they are most welcome! But please spare us.
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  1. well said, not only the big tv there are several ad's like this, for example the one on sto peoples choice about some timber, i just dont get the idea of a half naked lady on a bed would promote some timber as if its saying "this timber gets you ....." advertisers and marketing departments of companies should take these things more responsibly.

  2. Right, right. So you want our newlywed youths to all to die from AIDS or be weakened by other VD's so your Arab Overlords can take control of our nation. I suppose passing our genes on to make children, the rightful inheritors of the State is "immoral", just because you lot want to sell off the land for your own profit. The children will resist - and so you fear them; and wish to prevent their existence.

    I know this to be true; how many women are punished unfairly, even for reporting sexual abuse?. Your kind wishes for our women to be neutered, and our strong and able men to be shipped off to wars dictated by your Arab/Israeli overlords.

    Sure thing. I suppose that counts as an open declaration of war. Enjoy the air show.

  3. Thanks Dr. Mauroof for bring up this issue. I do have the same thought everytime I see this ad. I call upon the concerned authroities to ban this commercial because these are ads which are suitable for societies where fornication and adultery have been decriminalised. Maldives being a 100% Muslim country, showing this kind of commercials mean promoting fornication and adultery.

  4. Goodness gracious!! And u call urself a doctor?? I could have expected such an illogical explanation from an uneducated religious fanatic. Science and religion go hand in hand. One is incompete without the other. It is easy to say that the world would be a better place if we all followed Islam and lived accordingly. It would indeed. There would have been no reason for God to create Heaven and Hell. Heaven would suffice. Human fallacies are inevitable. Logic and basic common sense are vital here. If u, being a doctor, cannot explain to ur son basic biologocal stuff.. no worries.. send him to me and i shall clear his doubts. i m not a doctor but i have the confidence tht without any embarrassment i could clear a child's doubts scientifically. Embarrassment doesnt lead to anythin. Education does. Think..

  5. dr mauroof dr sir it seems that u only accept comments from people who are on ur side and that also by a person who claims that a person in a pic is her sis but cant prove it and the pic is a person wearing a veil. lord hexter is a asshole who is on ur side and u accept that. wat an idiot u are. like a extremist the only way is ur way. well the world doesn't work ur way. comments are supposed to be wat ppl thinks bout ur post. not wat u want them to say. talk bout faith and stuff but u cant take critisim? weirdly but again get a camel and light ur torch and goto a desert and leave the internet
    thank u

  6. I can see many ads of condom, Pad's while watching tv at home with the kids. my point is that who will stop this. it show in the cable tv and the cable tv provider is approved by the government. can we say the government is promoting this kind of stuffs to our comunity?

  7. We need more people like on the blogosphere. Great post.

  8. ziney kuraa meehuna koh dhey support eh mee. muslim gaumei ga dhakan heyo nuvaane ennu

  9. Ads of condoms is different from the ads of pads. and if you see that ad, you will feel the difference and you will know the message we get from that ad. that is surely promoting adultery and fornication in this country. at the end of that ad, it says "safety first, than pleasure". what does that pleasure and safety means? so it is important for everyone to think about these things and important for the marketing industry to think 1000 times before advertising anything. this blog is a nice one. keep up the good work Dr. may Allah bless you and your work.