Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The President in a dilemma again - Affan Didi and his ilk or the nation?

Affan Abdullah Didi is the prototype of the anti Islamic, secularist and unpatriotic Maldivian about whom the vast majority of Maldivians couldn’t are less. This person is doing a Facebook campaign against Adhaalath party. He alleges that we are trying to make Maldives a new Afghanistan and is making a petition asking the president not to gazette the regulation on religious unity. As expected, the president seems to have swayed towards the lunatic fringe, again. He has postponed the gazetting of the regulation, his press secretary making pathetic excuses, as usual. Similar was his action during the controversy about allowing the sale of alcohol in inhabited islands. He made the wrong assumption that people who were against it were a few "mullahs" till the Maldivian people came out en mass to remind him that he happen to be the head of a 100% Muslim country, a fact which he seems to forget every other day. The people made it clear that they were against the sale of alcohol in inhabited islands. The whole thing only helped to make an increasingly unpopular president more unpopular. We feel the present controversy also will end in a similar manner.

What is in question is the enforcing of a regulation which is in accordance with the letter and the spirit of the Maldivian constitution.

It is high time for our president to make up his mind. Whether to rule the nation respecting the sentiments of the 95% of the nation or should he be a tool for a few misguided, anti Islamic people with vested interests.

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