Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The youth ministry finally agrees to give the track grounds for Dr Zakir’s lecture.

Last night, in the TVM program “Rajje Miadhu” (Maldives Today), the youth Minister finally announced that he will give the grounds for Dr Zakir’s lecture. This came after a totally unnecessary controversy which has added further clarity to the public perception that this government or many in this government are causing obstruction to Islamic activities. By all appearances the decision was a relenting to the public outcry rather than an act of goodwill. The public was furious that the concerned ministry was making petty excuses in not giving the most suitable ground available to hold this important event. So they expressed their opinion in the many calls and sms sent to Mr. Hassan Latheef. It is naive on the part of Mr. Hassan Latheef to think that the people of Maldives will gladly accept the foolish excuses and he has no justification to complain about the many sms and the calls. If one is bold enough to play with fire, he should expect some heat also.
In the program, one Sarangu Aadham Manik, (who calls himself as “Adam”) who happens to be the current chief of Male’ Municipality made a show of his own displeasure about bringing Dr Zakir Naik. He tried to slight and insult Dr Zakir by saying that Dr Naik was a mere ‘tele evangelist’ and a medical doctor. He displayed his ignorance of the fact that Dr Zakir is the world’s foremost debater on Islam and comparative religion. In this way Dr Zakir is the nightmare of every anti Islamic man. Because Dr Zakir has got a photographic memory which has absorbed the religious scriptures of all the major religions and he has the debating skills. No wonder many people are really put off by his name.
Mr. “ Adam” accused that the Islamic Ministry is trying to create a “hype” about this. But it was Hassan Latheef and people like himself who helped to create the hype in the first place by refusing to give the venue and creating a totally needless controversy. In this way they have actually helped to advertize the event.

The current hurdle about the grounds may be over. But we should be aware that there are many in the current establishment who are furious that a world class celebrity like Dr Zakir Naik is coming to lecture in Maldives. Despite their pathetic attempts to slight Dr Zakir (by saying that he is a medical doctor, a ‘tele evangelist’ and that he is not a traditional ‘Islamic scholar’ etc), they know very well what an influential man Dr Zakir is what an influence his lectures might have on the youth of this nation.
We call upon President Nasheed to be wiser and more receptive to the public sentiments. He can certainly do without these unnecessary controversies.

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