Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who is afraid of Islam?

Few days ago some anonymous people have put banners on the street corners of Male', written "Stop using Islam as a political weapon!".

Is this related to the current issue about the Regulation on the Religious Unity of Maldives? Very likely.

Only two conclusions can be drawn about these people: (1) They are totally ignorant about the reality of Islam being a system of life encompassing all spheres, be it personal, domestic, political or national or international. They have the mistaken notion that Islam should be confined to the mosques and the homes. Or (2) They are against Islam and are alarmed by the growing influence and awareness among the masses of this country. So they make such cowardly attempts (no names written on the banners) hoping it will drive a wedge between those working for Islam and the masses..

We suspect the latter is the real motive behind these shameful attempts.. They will not succeed, Insha Allah..!

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